Natural Vision for Everyday Living™

When your near vision deteriorated, your everyday routine changed dramatically. Simple activities like reading the care instructions for your clothes, checking the time on your wristwatch, viewing the control panels in your automobile or being able to tell the difference between shampoo and conditioner became frustrating tasks. Suddenly, you found yourself dependent on reading glasses. And, the glasses are never close by.

If you want visual freedom and less dependency on reading glasses, it’s time to discover how the KAMRA™ inlay can restore your everyday, walk-around vision.


The Presbyopia Solution Doctors Trust.


Dr. Sondra Black

“I can see improvement daily. It’s becoming easier and easier to get through the day. Only a week after surgery and I’m no longer reaching for my reading glasses.”

Sondra Black, OD, Canada


Dr. Balazsi

“I would have sought KAMRA Vision out even if I was not an ophthalmologist.”

Dr. Gordon Balazsi, Canada


Dr. Machat

“KAMRA Vision has given me the time to feel young again.”

Dr. Jeff Machat, Canada


Dr. Smith

“I am convinced that the KAMRA Inlay represents the future of presbyopia correction.”

Dr. Dean Smith, Canada


Dr. Cezon

“Based on my experience as a surgeon and clinical investigator for the KAMRA inlay, I knew the inlay was the best choice for me.”

Dr. Dean Corbett, New Zealand


Dr. Cezon

“What’s amazing about this technology is that it allowed me to read at near, intermediate and distance. It was liberating.”

Dr. Abdullah Al Jabarti, Saudi Arabia


Dr. Cezon

“KAMRA Vision has enhanced my life – I feel I can now do everything much more comfortably and confidently.”

Dr. Robert Rivera, United States


Dr. Cezon

“I am enjoying the ability to perform everyday tasks without glasses. It is truly liberating.”

Dr. Rick Wolfe, Australia